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Will we know each other in Heaven?

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a person after church and this person asked me, “will we know each other in heaven?” I had to stop and think about that question for a second. My initial answer to that question was yes, but the reason why I had to stop and think about that question is because I wondered if the Bible teaches us that we will know each other or is it one of those things that we just assume. As I thought about that question according to the Bible, no verses came to my mind, which again caused me to wonder, are we going to know each other in heaven. The more I study scripture, the more I realize that our understanding of heaven has been greatly influenced by artists, TV shows and movies, but not by what the Bible actually teaches about heaven. So again, I ask, does the Bible teach that we will know each other in heaven? The answer: yes, it does.

To help me get to that answer, I came across a magazine article in a magazine that I was reading last week. The magazine is called “The Banner of Truth” and in their May 2022 edition there is an article by J.C. Ryle, who asked that same question. J.C. Ryle was a pastor and writer in England during the 19th Century and in this short article he answers this exact question using various passages of Scripture. If you ever wondered about this question, I would encourage you to read this article as well (I have included it below). What a day that will be when we will be reunited with our loved ones who followed Jesus. What hope we have as believers in Jesus because of what Jesus has done for us through His death and resurrection.

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